Do you very often check for cheaper contracts for mobile phone? And do you have a Facebook account?
We have a proposal for you.
We have now come up with a notification service, which will let us inform subscribed users, of new cheaper deals for the phones they are after. This service just don’t check of the cheapest deals for a phone you are looking for – but it smart enough to inform you the cheapest deals for your search. If you need a deal with 500 minute and unlimited text on a selected phone, it will inform you only when there is a cheaper deal with 500 minutes and unlimited text for your phone.

How simple is it to set it up?

It is very simple to set up this service.
  1. Open our website, type in the address bar
  2. Select the phone you want to add service for (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S 3, Apple iPhone 5 etc.)
  3. Select your preference (options like how many minutes, text data you want each month)
  4. Click on the link just above deals
  5. Give Facebook permissions
And that is it – you can see all active phone searches you have added to our service. Now this service will be active for 60 days.

What is the advantage of it?

  • You don’t need to go the website to find cheaper deals every now and then; it will inform you when a deal arrives.
  • Only runs for 60 days and need not worry that it will keep on for ever.
  • Easy to stop.

How can I manage it?

To manage it, you can go to and you will able to view all notifications you have subscribed for. NB: We don’t get access to your Facebook password.