Nokia E7

Nokia E7- The New Generation Handset

Nokia E7 offers a blend of innovative technology, style, design and other added environment friendly features. It is an ideal gadget for busy people who want to work even while away from the office. Nokia E7 handset is a combination of form and functionality as the looks are sleek, slender and is lightweight too. It has dimensions of 123mmX 62mm X13mm. weighing about 176 grams, it is sure to catch the attention of a majority of the people.

Nokia E7 has an AMOLED display screen which has a pixel resolution of 360X 640 and is capable of displaying 16 million colors.  The pictures are of high clarity with great resolution. The QWERTY key board can be viewed with optimum convenience as the screen opens in an inclined angle. The screen itself is four inches wide, offering a great and comfortable view. If the screen is pinched, the view will zoom in and for flicking, it is enough to scroll the screen. If the screen is slid down, it reveals the QWERTY keyboard and gives more characters and symbols to work with.

Real time emails can be got through Mail for Exchange. It is possible to edit, create and share documents. Since it has Adobe reader, pdf files can be viewed. Nokia E7 makes use of class 32 versions of both GPRS and EDGE and since it has 3G coverage with HSDPA connection, it takes care of internet access with lightning speed of 10.2 mbps and if more speed is needed, there is a WiFi connectivity too, so that there is an easy access wherever there is a wi fi hub.

Nokia E7 has a built in 8 mega pixel digital camera which offers pictures of high quality. It is featured with face detection, fixed focus, and dual LED flash. Since Nokia has GPS, geo tagging facility is also possible and so, the location where the picture was taken can be known.  And the video is at 25 frames per second in 720 p.

For multi media entertainment, music lovers have access to MP3 or MP4 media player. Various electronic mail services are compatible with nokia E7, such as Gmail, yahoo mail, Ovi mail hot mail and many more. Instant messaging is also possible. Social networking facilities like twitter and face book are possible and updating of social networking accounts can be done, all at once. Threaded SMS chat offers tracking of all messages.

A number of Apps can be enjoyed with Nokia E7, and it also protects against app theft. The voice recognition app gives hands- free facility, the travel app gives flight schedules and updates and many more such facilities are there on Ovi AppStore. The incoming calls and messages can be sensed through vibration and ring tone of MP3 and WAV music files.

Built In speaker phone system offers hands free communication and a 3.5 mm audio jack gives the convenience of both hands- free head sets and ear pones so that the avid music lovers can enjoy stream less music through the internal media player. As a standard, 16 GB internal memory is provided to Nokia E7 which is more than enough for most of the users who want to store an entire digital collection of music or video or other files. Nokia makes use of Symbian 3 operating system in conjunction with a 680 megahertz processor.

Nokia E7 Rivals Many Popular Smartphone Models

Especially made to satisfy business users’ demands, Nokia E7 was launched on 14 September 2010 during Nokia World in London. This Smartphone runs the Symbian^3 operating system, highlighting a 4-inch touchscreen which is embedded with the Polarized AMOLED technology. The touchscreen ensures a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels that provides a great multimedia experience.

Other multimedia add-ons ensured by Nokia E7 are the 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, USB on-the-go support, GPS, and headphone jack with TV-out. The Nokia E7 also presents a great camera of 8 megapixels and free Ovi Maps with navigation system. This device offers a great experience that is ensured by its full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen features. It is also light and thin, measuring only 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches.

Nokia E7 comes along with preinstalled business applications from the Ovi Store like JoikuSpot, Microsoft Communicator Mobile, F-Secure Mobile security, Bloomberg, Symbian and Salesforce.

Nokia E7 Specifications and Features


• Full keyboard and a stunning 4-inch touch display
• Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Mail for Exchange
• Support for extranet and intranet portals built on Microsoft
• Direct and secure access to corporate systems

• Preinstalled security applications such as F-Secure antitheft and Vlingo
• OMA DM support which includes enforceable encryption and control of the device, including Bluetooth and camera
• Juniper SSL VPN and Cisco support which come in addition to IPSec VPN
• Security features ensured by Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
• Business security solutions such as device managements, secure intranet access, lock and wipe
Navigation and Multimedia Experience

• Built-in features from Via Michelin and Lonely Planet with tips on hotels, weather, restaurants and travel
• Free worldwide satellite navigation for car and walk from Ovi Maps in more than 70 countries
• Live updated from RenRen, Twitter and Facebook
• Three customizable home screens
• HDMI connection and Dolby Digital Plus Surround in-built system
• Shoot, edit photos and videos through a camera of 8Mp
• High quality cinematic sound and imaging features

Technical Profile

• Operating System: Symbian^3
• Form Factor: Touch and full keyboard
• Display: touch widescreen of 640 x 360 pixels, polarized AMOLED
• Battery: 1200mhAh BL-4D
• Memory: 250 MB internal memory, 16GB mass memory, RAM 256 ROM 1024
• Supported Codec: WM DRM, OMA DRM 2.0, AMR-WM-AMB-NB, WMA, eAAC+, eAAC, AAC and MP3 

Here are some Pros and Cons of the Nokia E7


• The Nokia E7 presents an intuitive and elegant interface. Its fine touchscreen puts its function above the ones of other similar devices as it is constructed to provide the best experience, with fewer ‘fat finger’ errors
• It presents a great variety of applications which make it a versatile device
• The web browser is exceptional with high speed and secure connections

• In order to use the device to its fullest, you have to add more applications to the preinstalled ones
• Battery life is quite short so watching a video or listening to music can drain it in just a few hours

The Nokia E7 presents a great and highly functional phone. It is a great choice for people who are always on the go and its business specific features make it the best option for businesspersons. Its price of 495 euro reflects the best combination between the features it offers and their quality.

Our Rating on Nokia E7

4 out of 5


Nokia E7
  • 8.00 Mega Pixel
  • BlueTooth
  • WiFi
Multi Media
  • MMS
  • MP3
  • FM
  • Type Non-removable Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery (BL-4D)
  • Standby Up to 432 h (2G) / Up to 480 h (3G)
  • Talk Time Up to 9 h (2G) / Up to 5 h (3G)
  • Music Play 
  • Internal 16 GB storage, 256 MB RAM, 1 GB ROM
  •  Card Type No
  •  Size 123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6 mm, 104.9 cc (4.87 x 2.46 x 0.54 in)
  •  Weight 176 g (6.21 oz)
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Touch Screen
  • 3G Phone
  • Symbian OS

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